Recorded in the anthologies of The Races of Saera: Morphology, Anatomy, and Physiology, Humans are one of the first entries listed.

Physiology Edit

Humans share normative features and physiological measurements with those commonly associated with that of humankind:

Humans are said to have average heights of five feet seven inches and five feet four inches for males and females respectively. Average shoulder length is about one and a half feet.

The average human child enters pubescence at age 12, completing adolescence by age 17 and thus entering adulthood.

The average lifespan of any human, at birth, is approximately 35 years, but any who have survived until adolescence are expected to live until 60. It can be said that there is probably ulterior reasoning for why that is.

Culture Edit

Humans are found all over the world of Saera. They are many, but they are not of the same ilk nor are they of similar belief, passion, goal...

The Empire of Aquinia, the largest homeland of the humans, is headed by the Holy Order of Ouros - a religious organization resembling a constitutional monarchy with its own ranking system following the strictures of the Aquinian holy text, the Book of Woe. The Entrarch is the leader of the Holy Order and is often considered synonymous as the "ruler" of Aquinia. Below the Entrarch are the Minarchs, Generals, Inquisitors, and other officials.

Aquinia is known for its distaste in nonhumans, due to an exclusion of their beings from the holy text. Because of it, nonhumans experience extreme amounts of prejudice and the ranking population is mostly humans.

Besides the Aquinian humans, there are Arridian humans with their own systems of governance, including (but not limited to) the Vennua family of Point Sayl, the Mowbray family of Leeis, and Jupe's Council - all residing in the Silverstates.

Jupe's Council consists of the heads of many great houses in the city, for which the majority are human.

Human families may even have branches, such as the Honvarj which has two primary lodges, Alvkhret and Wyyrhet.

Notable Persons Edit

  • Entrarch Walter III
  • Minarch Lethold Immerius Ignatius IV of Mezbihl
  • Althalos Carac Fendrel of Daelig
  • Author Les of House Willclark
  • Editor Kal of House Reswin
  • Expert airship Captain Jer of House Jirax
  • Descendant of the inventor of airships Orr of House Ferrelin.
  • Shoja of Alvkhret
  • Shoja of Wyyrhet
  • Iori Wyyrhet